Payslip Note

Detailed listing in the clearance note of additional remunerations for overtime, extra hours, work on Sundays, at night, off-site work, etc.

The employer, when making salary payments and issuing the clearance note, has the right to request from the employee to sign a receipt. This receipt should be detailed, indicating the individual amounts that make up the employee’s remunerations, as well as the reasons for their payment. Conversely, an undetailed receipt, which does not specify the separate amounts paid for each reason, is considered indefinite and is not taken into account by the court. Therefore, when salary clearance notes only state the total amount paid each month for “off-site, Sundays, holidays, overtime, and night work” without breaking down the amounts paid for each reason, they are considered indefinite and do not provide evidence of the employee’s remunerations. Even if a simple reference to the total amount is included, an undetailed written statement by the employee claiming that they have been paid in full and have no other claims against the employer cannot be considered as proof of payment, especially if it does not specifically detail the amounts paid for each reason.



Article written by Christos Triantafyllopoulos

Founder & CEO of Aegean Consulting

The above text is for informational purposes only and it does not substitute specialized advice

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