Intellectual Property – Trademark

A. We have a big experience in cases related to the registration of trademarks, patents, industrial plans in a national, European and international level, the drafting of transfer agreements, licensing and use. We more specifically proceed in:
1. Trademark research (domestic, European and international).
2. Trademark registration.
3. Intellectual property disputes.
4. Registration of intellectual property rights.
5. Industrial property disputes.
6. Registration of industrial property rights.

B. Indicatively, regarding the registration of a domestic trademark, the process is as follows:
1. The trademark to be selected shall have the following characteristics: wordmark, figurative mark, colored or black and white.
– Τhe wordmark is a typed sign (usual font), with no special graphic elements.
– The figurative mark consists exclusively of figurative elements, combinations of word and figurative or other graphic elements, word elements in more than one rows (the total of elements can be colored or not) or consist exclusively of colored wordmarks.
– The three-dimensional mark is a three dimensional shaped mark (including its containers, packaging and the product itself). The representation provided in the attached document may include up to six representations of the shape.
– A colored trademark itself means that protection of trademark is needed for one or more colors, independently of special shape or layout. The colors must be indicated with words in the designated area. A legend of the color(s) must be submitted. A written description on its own is not enough.
– The sound signal must be indicated in an attached document using the standard sound reproduction methods with the use of graphics, especially the standard notation. Description is not enough. Electronic sound files may be attached only through the electronic filing service (e-filing).
– The wordmark or the figurative mark can be either black and white or colored depending on your choice.

2. After the mark is selected according to your needs, the graphic designer who will take over the representation shall also take into consideration the following:
– File type JPEG .tif
– File size not exceeding 2 meg
– Printed representation size not exceeding 8Χ8 centimeters.
– Minimum image analysis 150 Χ 150 pixels
– Maximum image analysis 300 Χ 300 pixels
– Minimum density 72 DPI
– Color model RGB, BW, GRAYSCALE
The mark is required to be also in an electronic form in a compact disk (CD) or another suitable electronic storage device (USB stick)

3. When filing an application for the registration of a trademark, the applicant selects classes; namely specific categories of services and goods according to the object of the company’s activities. Therefore, we would like you to confirm the classes you are interested in.

4. The cost of the fee to be paid to the Ministry together with the application will be formed based on the selection of classes. The fee to the Ministry is 110 euros for the first class and 20 euros for each additional class and up to the tenth. The application for filing a trademark is accompanied by a document that proves the payment of the filing fee. The fee can be issued either electronically or by a competent Internal Revenue Service. Consequently, it is mandatory that you issue and pay the fee before filing the application.

C. In order for the application to be filed, a power of attorney/authorization is also needed. Thus, the following are required:
1. The trademark of your selection, with the above mentioned characteristics and figurative qualities
2. A confirmation of the classes of your interest
3. A fee payable to the State of 110 € and 20 € for each additional class
4. The documents of the power of attorney and authorization signed by the applicant or the administrator of the legal person followed by the company’s stamp.

Indicative table of expenses for the process of trademark registration
1. A fee payable to the State of 110 € and 20 € for each additional class.
2. Stamps of the Welfare Fund 2.30€, Lawyer’s Fund– KEAD 4.00€ & 3.00€ “megarosimo” stamp.
3. “Megarosimo” stamp 2.00 €.
4. Lawyer’s fee.

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