Criminal Law

We take over the advocacy and the wider legal support of our clients, already from the stage of the pretrial (preliminary hearing, preliminary examination, main hearing), the interim proceedings before the judicial councils and the main proceedings, before the Legal Courts of all degrees, to the appeal in the Supreme Court. We also represent natural and legal persons for the filing of prosecution / law suit and bring a civil action on their behalf for offences that were committed on their detriment.

We specifically take over cases related to financial crime (non-payment of contributions, tax crime law, fraud, counterfeit, embezzlement, abuse of public money, legalization of income from illegal activities etc.), to service crimes (breach of duty, false certification, bribery etc.), to crimes by the press and to the electronic crime.

With the existing network of associated lawyers who present before the Regional Courts of First Degree and Courts of Appeal in the whole country, we also have the possibility to handle and monitor your case all over Greece.

• Tax evasion
• Debts towards the state
• Debts towards Insurance Bodies
• Fraud, counterfeit
• Cheques
• Misappropriation, embezzlement
• Breach of environmental law
• Breach of labor law
• Work accident
• Medical negligence
• Man slaughter, bodily injury
• Bribery and corruption
• False certification
• Purloining of document
• Abuse of authority
• Breach of confidentiality
• Breach of duty
• Extortion
• Defrauding of creditors
• Usury
• Deception in brokerage operations
• Crimes against the sexual freedom
• Defamation
• Violation of the healthcare legislation
• Violation of telecommunications legislation
• Violation of penal provisions of the commercial legislation
• Embezzlers of Public money
• Criminal organization
• Smuggling
• Violation of the provisions of protection of intellectual property
• Legalization of income from criminal activities
• Violation of urban and building legislation
• Violation of the data protection legislation

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