Real Estate

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We have the expertise that ensures the full legal support of our clients during the implementation of investments in real estate property, whether this applies to residences, property for commercial use and exploitation, tourist settlements or industrial facilities etc. We provide legal due diligence of the property, i.e. examination of ownership status and encumbrances, investigation of the applicable land planning regulations and permissible land uses and investigation of miscellaneous legal constraints. We propose a complete legal and tax planning. We provide full coverage in every step of the negotiation, drafting and signing of the property, lease and managing titles by the responsible services and the approval of environmental terms. We stay close to our clients and update them on the legal and tax status that is constantly updating. The above include:

• Examination of the contracts of purchase and sale, donation, parental transfer of property
• Examination of the real estate ownership titles
• Transfer to the Mortgage Registry
• Submitting a declaration in the Cadastral Survey Office
• Recourse to the Land Registry (Cadastre) Courts
• Expropriation
• Real estate leasing

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