Commercial Law


1. Work contracts: These are contracts concluded with independent business owners, such as contractors, engineers etc. in order to carry out the assigned project.
2. Service contract agreement
3. Product Use Agreement: Α) Trademark, domestic, European, international. Β) Domain name, C) Diffusion of technology or expertise.
4. Customer and supplier contracts: Α) Representation, Β) Distribution, C) Franchise), D) Mediation.
5. Commercial Lease Agreement


We guide and advise you on domestic and cross-border trading transactions, international contracts and sales of goods, international representation and distribution, information technology, foreign currency obligations, international financing and raising funds. More specifically:
1. Competition Law: We are in a position to protect your corporation from actions related to unfair competition and to third party unfair policies, while we can guarantee conditions of free competition, by harmonizing the corporation’s function and practices according to the legislation in force.
2. Insolvency and Debt collection: The current economic situation forms largely the usual practice in trade transactions regarding the full repayment of debts. We take over the process of claiming and collecting them through judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.
3. Insurance Disputes: We take over the extrajudicial and judicial claim of annuity or compensations by insurance companies based on insurance policies that refer indicatively to buildings insurance, business risk and insurance liability.
4. Commercial Lease: We take over the drafting of all kinds of lease contracts fully tailored to your business needs; from leasing a building site in order to construct a building to leasing stores or offices.
5. Leasing: We guarantee the protection of your interests with regards to drafting leasing contracts of all kinds and things.


We are widely experienced in e-commerce, e-shops and shareholders’ rights and obligations and we can propose ways of safeguarding and legally covering the new business owner’s interests.

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