Corporate Law

1. Corporate governance
2. Business partner associates disputes
3. Business partners’ rights protection
4. Dissolution – Liquidation
5. Dismissal – replacement of legal representatives
6. General Assembly and Board of Directors Minutes
7. Compliance with legislation
8. Compliance with rules of publicity
9. Extrajudicial support
10. Ensuring relations with employees

• ACQUISITION OF SHARES AND STOCKS: We provide the drafting of specialized contracts of shares or corporate stocks transfer, we proceed to the necessary verification and ensure the shareholders.
• CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENTS: We ensure the discretion of your colleagues and personnel regarding the information that concern your business and come to their knowledge.
• LOAN, OPTION, MORTGAGE AND COLLATERAL AGREEMENTS: We proceed to the drafting of loan agreements; we determine assurance terms for our assignor and ensure the development of complete packages of agreements between the parties.
• ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENTS: The modern needs demand flexibility from the business owner’s perspective even in the field of commercial agreements.
• MERGER-ACQUISITION-COMPANY TRANSFORMATION: We provide our customers with complete legal support during the acquisition or sale of corporations with a complete business plan that specifically concerns legal and tax planning, but also a full plan that concerns the total of the bankruptcy process of a company and the disengagement of the business owner.

• COMPANY FORMATION IN GREECE (GPC-LP-PC-LTD-SA): We proceed to the formation of all legal kinds of companies, adjusted to the business owner’s needs. Our experience in this field allows us to combine the business owner’s demands with the forecasts that ensure their interests. We thus offer:
1. A basic package that includes the drafting of the Articles of Association, the brand name registration, the company’s publication and the certificate issuance.
2. An individual package which – besides the above mentioned – includes the drafting of Articles of Association with a content that exceeds the one containing the typical provisions.
3. Minutes, company and partners legalizations.

1. Cyprus: We have the expertise as to the formation and establishment of a Cyprus company, by taking advantage of the flexibility of the legislation in effect and its favorable settings.
2. Europe: We have the expertise and an extended network of associates as to the formation of companies in countries of the European Union, depending on the needs of the business owner.
3. Offshore: We have the expertise and an extended network of associates as to the formation of offshore companies to all countries and the offshore destinations, including services of directors and representatives appointment as well as bank account opening.

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