Administrative Law

We represent our client both before the administrative authorities as well as the Administrative Courts in order to face issues that relate to the taxation on the income, the taxation on the movable and immovable estate, the taxation on the income from ship operation, the inheritance taxation, the AVT, the real estate transfer taxation, the automatic surplus price tax as well as the seizure of movable and immovable property and the taking of coercive measures according to KEDE (Public Revenue Collection Code). We also represent public servants of all grades before the competent instruments. These actions include:

• Disputes between the citizen and the tax administration.
• Disputes between the insured person and the Insurance organization (IKA (Social Security Organization), OAEE (Insurance Organization for the Self-Employed) etc)
• Expropriations
• Agency appeals
• Disciplinary boards
• Countermeasures of administrative enforcement, such as seizures – auction of real estate, bank account seizures, foreclosures of shares and equity shares.

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