The Digital Real Estate Transfer File is operational from 1/1/2024. The Ministry of Digital Governance announces the operation of the Digital Real Estate Transfer File from 1/1/2024. This is a new service of that integrates and simplifies the processes of transferring registered real estate. Citizens and notaries using the Transfer File via will receive a transfer (or justified rejection) within one working day instead of the lengthy delays. The conditions for the “transfer in one day” are, firstly, no pending action on the same property and secondly, the fees to be paid by credit/debit card. The bureaucratic steps are significantly reduced with the use of the Transfer File as 4 documents are abolished:

  1. The Certificate of No Debt to TAP
  2. The issuance of AKD (Excerpt of the Land Registry Diagram)
  3. The Application for Registration
  4. The Contract Summary

Also abolished is the physical presence at Land Registry Offices for those using the Transfer File. Finally, it is emphasized that the Real Estate Identification Number (ΚΑΕΚ) “locks” for the duration of the transaction to increase security in transactions. In summary, the steps for using the platform for notaries:

– Connect as a Notary and invite the parties involved

– Interoperable collection of documents

– Digital copy of the contract without handwritten references

– Calculation of fees for the buyer

– Registering the act in the Land Registry

– Monitoring the progress of the application in real-time


In summary, the steps for using the platform for citizens:

– Connect as a citizen and accept the invitation from the notary

– Selection of the property for sale by the party/seller

– Payment of fees by the buyer and registration in the Land Registry


The Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou, stated: “Resolving longstanding issues, such as the Land Registry, is a goal for both the Government as a whole and specifically for the Ministry of Digital Governance. We are methodically taking targeted steps towards reforms and projects to combat bureaucracy, always focusing on improving everyday life for citizens. We now have a tool with which we simplify the processes of property transfer, significantly reducing the required time and the inconvenience for all involved parties.”

The Deputy Minister of Digital Governance, responsible for the Land Registry, Konstantinos Kiranakis, mentions: “As we had committed, from 1/1/2024, the Digital Real Estate Transfer File is operational at


Article written by Christos Triantafyllopoulos, Founder & CEO of Aegean Consulting

The above text is for informational purposes only and it does not substitute specialized advice


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