Establishment of Greek Company

Fast and Reliable business establishment in Greece

We have the expertise for the formation, conversion, transformation, merger of a company or companies of any legal form (SA, LTD, PC, GPC, LP) under the provisions of the applicable legislation and the business owner’s needs.

Thus we proceed in the:

  • Investigation and registration of a company name
  • Drafting of Articles of Association
  • Publication
  • Issuance of certificates
  • Brand name registration
  • Lease or concession of use of registered seat or branches
  • Issuance of permits from administrative authorities
  • Apposition of a table of documents and expenses
  • Constant monitoring of the company’s management: Tax representative, holding of mandatory books, General Assembly and Board of Directors minutes, services of secretary support, reconstruction of company structure, legal and accounting control of the company, suggestions for Marketing and modern operation

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