Business start-up and support


managementAegean Consulting and its partners have excellent knowledge of business planning.

They provide business support regarding:

Α) Solutions to corporation structural issues.
Β) Suggestions regarding the business functionality in order to save time and expenses.
C) The design of the Legal form of the corporation, absolutely compatible with every business owner’s needs.
D) Legal advice for the facilitation and achievement of the corporation’s goals without legal pitfalls. Full legal support of all kinds provided by associate lawyers with experience and specialization in corporation and individual cases.
Ε) Computerization suggestions designed exclusively for every corporation’s needs. All the suggestions for computerization programs we propose have been tested by clients or associates and bring successful results.

Aegean Consulting provides support in the creation of a new corporation throughout all the stages of its development, as well as in the evaluation of investments and acquisitions. It offers business advice based on rules of management, strategy and experience gained by corporations of all kinds.

Business services

  • Startup of a sole proprietorship, GPC, LP, PC, LTD., S.A.
  • Changes and mergers – conversions of all corporates in any form.
  • Business subsidies


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