Bookkeeping for corporations

We ensure tax savings of 5% or more, with legal proceedings!

TΗΡΗΣΗ ΒΙΒΛΙΩΝ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΕΩΝThe excellent knowledge and familiarity with computerized solutions ensure optimized results and perfect accounting functionality. We can support corporations with an in-house accounting department (corporations where there is a permanent accountant), by monitoring and harmonizing all functions so that they give the maximum possible effect in the minimum possible time.

We also support all the corporations where there is no in-house accounting, by collecting all the necessary documents to be registered in our offices and end up in complete accounting results.

  • We use Modern Computerized Solutions
  • We perform most tasks through the internet and get immediate information
  • We send you information on the route of our tasks in an electronic form
  • We count on the 14year experience as First Class Accountants

Our services include:

  • Services for all the usual tax obligations (VAT, Hellenic Code of Accounting Books and Records, Employment tax, Taxation on the income, etc.).
  • Calculation of city etc. taxes.
  • Verification of invoices and in general of the accounting documents received and issued by the corporation.
  • Registration of movements of the bank accounts (Checking accounts, Loan accounts etc.) and monthly agreement.
  • Registration of cheque movements.
  • Examination of income and expenses of next accounting period in relation to their accounting and tax handling.
  • Keeping and update of fixed assets register and calculation of depreciations.
  • Verification and preparation of financial statements (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss results, etc.).
  • Preparation and filing of tax return.
  • Preparation and filing of different withholding taxes.
  • Support through the ordinary or temporary tax audit conducted by the public sector auditors, by an associate of ours with constant control over the procedures and guidelines of the Ministry of Finance.
  • Support and submission of special statements of summary checks (Closures) when they are filed.
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