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ΦΟΡΟΛΟΓΙΚΕΣ ΥΠΗΡΕΣΙΕΣThe tax mechanism we design for each corporation and individual separately, is adjusted to the special needs of every business unit or individual and ensures the maximum possible profit for the corporation aiming at saving resources and its further development.

We ensure a tax saving of 5% or more, with legal proceedings!

  • We use Modern Computerized Solutions
  • We perform most tasks through the internet and get immediate information
  • We send you information on the route of our tasks in an electronic form
  • We count on the 14year experience as First Class Accountants



We specialize in the design of the absolute tax mechanism for saving taxes and resources. We study the special conditions and the unique characteristics of every business entity, designing the absolute tax mechanism, totally harmonized with the plans and needs of every business owner.

6 Basic Principles:

  • Creation of Corporate Formations so as to ensure lower tax charges and the real estate property of the associates in case of debts
  • Tax planning in cases of Retirement-Unbundling-Mergers and Spin-offs
  • Correct registration of the expenses so as to be deducted legally and save taxes
  • Design of a business action plan so as to achieve the goals of sales, profits etc.
  • Financing solutions with low interest rate, favorable terms and use of subsidy programs
  • Full support in cases of Ordinary and Extraordinary Audit conducted by the authorities



We draft the personal tax return of all natural persons. Knowing and always applying the latest changes of the tax system, we offer the best possible solution for the maximum tax saving.

4 Advices for Tax Saving:

  • The correct capital consumption can cover possible tax presumptions differences and not pay the relevant tax.
  • The better distribution of the tax presumption weight to all the members of the family ensures lower charges.
  • The declaration of real estate property that is not used as closed, so as not to pay unnecessary taxes.
  • The correct distribution of revenue to all the members of the family so as to save taxes.
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