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ΦΟΡΟΛΟΓΙΚΕΣ ΥΠΗΡΕΣΙΕΣWe shape a tax mechanism for each corporation or individual according to the specific needs of each business unit or individual which aims to the maximum possible benefit for the corporation, in order to save money and develop it further.

We guarantee a tax savings of 5% or more, absolutely legally!

  • We use updated IT solutions
  • We deliver most of the tasks online, therefore we have direct information
  • The progress of our work is being sent to you electronically
  • We rely on our long-term experience as accountants A’ class



We are experts in shaping an ultimate tax mechanism in order to save tax and resources. The customized conditions and the unique characteristics of each business entity are the basis of the ultimate tax mechanism we shape, which is fully complied to the plans and needs of each businessman.

6 Basic Principles:

  • Creation of Corporate Entities for ensuring both lower tax charges and partners’ real estate, in case of debts
  • Tax Planning in the event of Pensions, Splits, Mergers and Separation
  • Correct recording of expenses in order they deduct legally and save tax
  • Business action plan in order to achieve sales’ targets, profits, etc.
  • Financial solutions with low interest rate, beneficiary terms and use of subsidies programs
  • Full support, in case of expected and unexpected controls by tax authorities



We plan and deliver the tax statement of all individuals. We are always aware and updated for the latest changes to the tax system, therefore we can provide the best possible solution for maximizing tax savings.

4 Advices for Tax Saving:

  • Proper money consumption may cover any differences in presumptions, so the associated tax may not be paid.
  • Better distribution of presumptions to all family members ensures lower charges.
  • Real estate property that is not used can be declared as ‘closed’ in order to avoid unnecessary tax.
  • Proper distribution of income to all family members for saving taxes.

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