Establishment of Shipping Company for Recreation Crafts [S.C.R.C.]

S.C.R.C. was set by Greek Law 3182/2003, which has been repeatedly amended ever since, and has brought significant changes in the exploitation of professional recreation crafts.

S.C.R.C. is established according to the above-mentioned Law and its only purpose is the acquisition, the exploitation and / or the management of yachts defined as professional, according to Law 2743/1999, under Greek flag.

S.C.R.C. type companies have further special obligations, apart the obligations Greek companies have.

The Law allows the establishment of other type law entity, except S.C.R.C., but it is possible that other type entities cannot offer the same advantages as companies of S.C.R.C. type.

Aegean Consulting can undertake the establishment and the accounting and legal follow up of S.C.R.C. companies, as well as the establishment of any kind legal entity. Our company can also consult you regarding the most appropriate legal entity that suits to your needs, regarding the exploitation of your yachts.

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