Payroll Services

ΜΙΣΘΟΔΟΣΙΑIn Aegean Consulting there is a Human Resources department able to support the human resources of corporates of all sizes. We provide completely computerized payroll services, covering the needs of all corporations independently of the number of employees. Being familiar with all forms of employment, we direct the business owner to the soundest selection of form and way of employment to better serve the corporation. Our directions offer legal, functional and financially interesting employment solutions, harmonized to the needs of every corporation. We make the corporations part of subsidized employment programs for resource saving, maintenance of job positions and its further development.

The excellent computerized support in the payroll field provides all the necessary procedures for the avoidance of errors, omissions and for the application of the correct formula. The computerized payroll system provides printouts of all the documents that are necessary for the payroll needs, thus facilitating the formal protection of the corporation and the employee. Finally, we provide human resources management advice, regarding the ways of paying, the motive creation and the design of an employment program harmonized with the needs of the corporation.

Payroll management services

  • Calculation of salary and processing of all necessary information
  • Payroll cost analysis according to the corporation needs and demands
  • Printout of all the necessary monthly payroll reports and the individual payroll receipt of the employees in an electronic and printed form
  • Creation of the accounting entries for the proper update of the corporation accounting books
  • Creation of the necessary bank files for the deposit of salaries in the employees individual accounts
  • Submission of all the necessary forms in the Department of labor Inspection according to the requirements of the labor law
  • Submission of all the hiring – dismissals and modifications to OAED (National Employment Agency)
  • Compliance and harmonization according to the collective labor agreements and the modifications according to the labor legislation
  • Issuance of salary certificates and harmonization of company benefits
  • Drafting and submission of Analytical periodic reports to the Social Security Organization (ΙΚΑ) through the internet
  • Drafting of all the contribution reports of the rest of funds of main and supplementary insurance
  • Monthly payments of contribution of all the insurance funds
  • Issuance of insurance awareness certificate
  • Registration in the Social Security Organization (ΙΚΑ) during the 1st beginning of employment of salaried employees in the company

Salary verification
Salary verification is conducted for the assurance related to the:

  • Organization of the payroll department
  • Calculation of insurance deductions and employment tax
  • Individual labor contracts according to the labor legislation
  • Compliance with the predicted salary and wage levels and the rest of the obligations of the collective labor contracts
  • Maintenance of the provisions regarding allowances, surcharges, hours and overtime.

Administrational support of the human resources departments
We support administratively the human resources department regarding the:

  • Management of leaves and sickness
  • Management of presence and rotation of shifts
  • Personnel selection processes
  • Preparation of payroll budgeting


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