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ΜΙΣΘΟΔΟΣΙΑA department of payroll operates in Aegean Consulting which can undertake the calculation of the payroll with responsibility and reliability as well as the entire work relevant to the payroll for businesses of any size. We offer fully computerized payroll services, thus covering the needs of all businesses independently of the number of employees.

Knowing all the types of occupation, we guide the businessman towards the most appropriate choice of the kind and of the way of occupation for the business service. Our guidance offers a legal, productive, effective and financially profitable solution in occupation, harmonized with the needs of every business.

We propose the incorporation of businesses in subsidized programmes of occupation – with the saving of resources as well as the maintenance of labour places and the further development of the business as criteria. The excellent computerized support in the domain of payroll offers all the necessary tools for avoiding mistakes and omissions as well as for the application of the correct formulae of calculation.

Our computerized system of payroll provides printings of all documents which are necessary for the needs of payroll, making the legal fortification of the business and of the employee easier. Finally, our Company offers advice on the management of human resources, on the ways of payment, on creation of incentives, and on planning a work programme harmonized with the needs of every business.

Payroll Management Services

  • Payroll calculation and elaboration of all necessary data.
  • Analysis of payroll cost in accordance with the needs and requirements of the business.
  • Printing of all necessary monthly payrolls and of the personal receipts of the employees’ salary in electronic or printed form.
  • Creation of the accounting articles for the correct updating of the business account books.
  • Creation of the necessary bank archives for the deposit of salaries in the personal accounts of the employees.
    • Submission of all necessary forms to the Labour Inspectorate in accordance with the labour legislation.
    • Submission of all employments, dismissals and alterations to the Greek Manpower Recruitment Organization (“OAED”).
  • Compliance with the Collective Agreements of Labour and harmonisation with the alterations in accordance with the labour legislation.
    • Issue of certificates of pay and harmonisation of company benefits.
  • Drawing up and submission of Analytical Periodic Statements to the Greek Social Security Agency (“IKA”) through internet.
  • Drawing up of all statements of contributions to other funds for main and auxiliary insurance.
  • Monthly payments of contributions to all insurance funds.
    • Issue of a social security clearance certificate.
    • Inventory of persons employed in the business for the Greek Social Security Agency (“IKA”) during the 1st start of employment.

Pay Audit

We carry out a pay audit for the following to be ensured:

  • Organisation of the payroll department.
  • Calculation of insurance deductions and of payroll tax.
  • Individual employment contracts in accordance with the labour legislation.
  • Compliance with the provided wage and daily wage limits and with the other obligations from the collective labour agreements.
  • Compliance with the provisions about allowances, monthly increases, hours of work and overtime.

Administrative Support of the human resources departments

We administratively support the human resources departments regarding the following:

  • Management of leave and sick leave.
  • Presence and shift rotation management.
  • Preparation of budget payroll costs.

Kinds of businesses to which our services are addressed

We mention indicatively:

  • Construction, Engineering companies.
  • Industrial, Craft businesses.
  • Beauty salons, gyms and slimming centres.
  • Diagnostic Centres, Clinics, retirement homes.
  • Publishing companies.
  • Commercial businesses.
  • Import, Export enterprises.
  • IT companies.
  • Service enterprises.
  • Medical practices.
  • Catering businesses (restaurants, cafes, bars, night clubs etc).
  • Hotel businesses (hotels, tourist accommodation and rooms to rent of any size).
  • Tourist businesses.

The advantages and benefits of payroll assignment to outside contractors.

Outsourcing offers to the business a competitive advantage by means of an important cost reduction. There are many advantages of outsourcing for a business. We mention indicatively:

1)            The obligations which arise from the labour and insurance law are always increasing. As a result, the calculation of payroll and the electronic notifications consist time consuming processes which pose risks of high fines on the one hand and require the recruitment of specialised employees with knowledge and experience in payroll.
2)            Capital savings come by reducing the payroll expenses for the payroll employees as well as by avoiding the purchase and support of computer hardware and software.
3)            Space release, reduction of fixed costs and of jobs.
4)            Businesses at development stage and after that, in their path to growth, receive high level consultancy and services from our company, without payment of excessive amounts.

High level payroll services

We also ensure the support of our customers in the field of payroll, providing payroll services of high expertise. The success is due to the many years of experience of our managers as well as to the infrastructure of the department of payroll. We offer immediate support through email or phone call just when you need us. We issue a Monthly Payroll just after the end of the month.












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