Services for foreign residents

Katoikoi Eksoterikou

With years of specialization on foreign residents’ affairs, Aegean Consulting is in a position to provide the most reliable and complete services regarding the tax and property issues of the Greek foreign citizens.


We provide solutions on issues such as:
• Tax
• Inheritance
• Property management
• Your representation in Greece

Our office collaborates with experienced associates (accountants, lawyers, engineers, consultants) and guarantees reliable solutions to your affairs.

Indicative provided services:
• Transfer of the tax residence to a foreign country
• Full representation in Greece as Tax Representatives but also as general Proxies ¬– Authorized attorneys – Representatives for any of your issues.
• We take over the process of documenting your tax residence abroad.
• Amending, supplementary statements of previous years.
• Issues on the Conventions for the avoidance of double taxation.
• Appointment of representative (drafting of power of attorney, filling and submission of the necessary forms to the IRS of foreign residents etc.).
• Electronic submission of the income declaration in TAXIS.
• Immediate calculation and printing of your Notice of income tax assessment.
• Electronic submission of E9 (for the amendment of assets) and Ε2 forms (for the collected rents).

Answers to all your questions:
• When is a person a tax resident of Greece?
• What is the meaning of tax residence according to the law?
• What is the process of transferring the tax residence?
• What information should the tax payer submit to the competent IRS in order to prove the change of residence?
• Is the Tax residence certificate a sufficient proof for the residence change?
• Can the tax payer retrospectively conjure a tax residence in another country?
• What is the meaning of the criterion of 183 days as to the documentation of the habitual residence?

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