Tax statements

4 Tips for tax savings

  • Proper money consumption may cover any differences in presumptions, so the associated tax may not be paid.
  • Better distribution of presumptions to all family members ensures lower charges.
  • Real estate property that is not used can be declared as ‘closed’ in order to avoid unnecessary tax.
  • Proper distribution of income to all family members for saving taxes.

If you assume that your tax charges will be higher this year and you may need consultancy for the completion of your tax statement, please continue to read.

We stand by the side of each person for every accounting matter. We are thorough in the completion of your tax statement, based on given information combined with existing legislation.

We shape a tax mechanism for each corporation or individual according to the specific needs of each business unit or individual which aims to the maximum possible benefit for the corporation, in order to save money and develop it further.

  • We use updated IT solutions
  • We deliver most of the tasks online, therefore we have direct information
  • The progress of our work is being sent to you electronically
  • We rely on our long-term experience as accountants A’ class for the completion of tax statements with high particularities in tax legislation

We are experts in tax statements’ best planning for the following, indicative, categories of individuals :

  • Income by real estate property
  • Income by capital and interests
  • Income by royalties

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The expense for online advertising paid by Greek companies to foreign businesses is considered payment of royalties