Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing is a practice that has been followed by a huge number of successful businesses worldwide (Google – Alibaba – Procter & Gamble), regardless of size. From local businesses to large multinationals, they know the benefits of outsourcing to qualified associates.

Outsourcing of the accounting department as well as the payroll department gives the company a competitive advantage by significantly reducing costs. The advantages of outsourcing for a business are many.

1) Saving capital by reducing payroll costs for the accounting and payroll departments and avoiding the purchase and support of hardware and software as well as annual maintenance costs (licenses, release, backup, etc.)
2) Release of work space, reduction of fixed assets, telephones etc.
3) Coverage of contingencies that arise due to seasonal or temporary demands and problems. For example, staff leaving, vacation, pregnancy etc.
4) Businesses at the development stage receive high-level advice and services from our company without having to incur high costs for the recruitment of experienced and specially trained employees.

Aegean Consulting undertakes the support of business enterprises of all sizes, having 20 years of experience in the field of providing integrated business accounting services, having the potential of accountants with extensive experience in accountancy and payroll as well as audited accountants.

Financial monthly reports (MTD), quarter reports (Q1-Q2-Q3-Q4) and annual reports (YTD).

  • Profit and loss per period
  • Profitability by industry and exploitation
  • Profitability per branch
  • Analysis pointers
  • Sutainability studies
  • Business plan
  • Gross and net profits
  • Cash Flows analysis per period
  • Full tax cover for the entire business



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