Accounting services

ΛΟΓΙΣΤΙΚΕΣ ΥΠΗΡΕΣΙΕΣAegean Consulting provides modern accounting services to corporations of all kinds of legal form and to domestic and international private citizens.


Having experience to corporations of all activities, we provide specialized accounting services.

1) Craft – manufacturing enterprises
2) Commercial business of all kinds (Wholesale and retail)
3) Food service business (Specialized in their operation)
4) Transport companies (Specialized also in the formation of Courier companies)
5) Technical – Manufacturing companies
6) Engineering companies
7) Medical companies
8) Shipping companies for pleasure yachts (Specialized in their operation)
9) Shipping and alien companies L.89/1967 and L.27/1975
10) Service provision companies

Our services in detail :

  • Corporations bookkeeping. Services for all the usual tax obligations (VAT, Hellenic Code of Accounting Books and Records, Employment tax , Taxation on the income, etc.).
  • Tax support. Design of an absolute tax system for maximum savings – tax avoidance.
  • Salary services. Design of the most effective and flexible payroll model
  • Accounting office supervision
  • Harmonization with the Greek Accounting Standards (GAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Organization and Simplification of Accounting Systems
  • Reporting
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Drafting and Submission of Tax Returns (Income, VAT, Withholding taxes etc)
  • Planning of Mergers, Unbundling and Liquidation of Companies
  • Diagnostic Tax Control: Diagnosis and tracking of tax problems and errors as well as suggestions for their proper handling.



We stand by our client in every accounting issue, either this is about accounting consulting on the start-up of their new business or on the completion of their personal tax return. We give extra emphasis on the careful completion of the private tax return, by studying all the information provided in combination with the legislation in effect.

We ensure tax savings of 5% or more, with legal proceedings!

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