About Cookies

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Why we use cookies?
Cookies, pixel tags and similar technologies (collectively ‘cookies’) are files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to any internet enabled device – such as your computer, smartphone or tablet – when you visit a website.

Cookies are then sent back to the originating website on each subsequent visit, or to another website that recognizes that cookie. Cookies perform lots of different and useful operations, such as remembering your historical preferences, generally improving your online experience, and helping us to offer you the best product and services.

What purpose do we use cookies for?

We use cookies to make our Website easier to use, to deliver a personalized experience on our websites, and to better tailor our services and websites to your interests and needs. Cookies are used to help speed up your future activities and your experience on our Website.

We also use cookies to compile anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow us to understand how people use our websites and to help us improve their structure and content and also help us measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

What cookies do we use?
The cookies used on our Website may be generally categorized as follows:

Necessary Cookies. These cookies do not identify you as an individual. These cookies are essential to make our Website work correctly, they enable you to move around our Website and use our features. No sharing of data takes place.

Efficiency Cookies. These cookies do not identify you as an individual. These cookies collect information about how you use our websites. They are used for the improvement of the use of our website. Data are shared in google.com. For more information, visit //policies.google.com/privacy.

Advertisement Cookies (facebook). We use these cookies in order to send you advertisements respond to your needs and measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaign. Data are shared in facebook.com. For more information click: //www.facebook.com/policy.php

Advertisement Cookies (google adwords). These cookies keep information related to the termination of a visitor’s activity (for example, if the visitor bought something etc). Data are shared in google.com. For more information click: //policies.google.com/privacy

Advertisement Cookies (google dynamic). These cookies are used in order to create advertisements related to the content of the user. Data are shared in google.com. For more information click: //policies.google.com/privacy

Advertisement Cookies (google tag). These cookies collect information related to the use of certain tags added to the website in order the advertisement to be embodied smoothly. Data are shared in google.com. For more information click: //policies.google.com/privacy

If you do not desire to use cookies:

You can able or disable their use through your browser settings.

For example, you can click the menu of Chrome and then choose Settings/ Privacy/ Content Settings and change the cookies settings as you wish.

If you disable the use of cookies, some parts of the website may not operate regularly.

To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit www.aboutcookies.org.


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