Dimitris Piperakis

I graduated from the Law School of Thessaloniki in the year 2001 and from the Post Graduate Department of the Law School of Athens in 2007. I’ve been a Lawyer since 2004 and since 2007 I am also an Associate professor of Penal Law and Legal Procedure in the Police Academy. I am co-founder of the «Aegean Consulting» since 2009 and jointly responsible for the legal department, having gained big experience by collaborating in the past with big law firms. I have the necessary expertise to offer to companies and business owners an additional asset from a court and advisory perspective: the proper legal coverage. From an advisory perspective, this applies to design, legal protection and prevention and from a court level in the protection of the client’s rights.

Due to the high scientific proficiency, the professionalism and the increased trust towards me, since 2004, companies of all legal forms and business owners have assigned to me either their constant legal coverage or the handling of individual cases that relate to commercial agreements, collaborations, bankruptcy proceedings, absorptions and mergers, competition, loan agreement (bonded, business etc.) shipping claims and other subjects, labor relations, real estate, leases and financial crime.

Christos Triantafillopoulos

I graduated from the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences in the year 2004 as an accountant. In 2012 I got my post graduate degree from the Postgraduate Department of the University of Leicester, specialized in Economics and Business Administration. I gained work experience as an accountant since 2000 by keeping the books of Commercial and Industrial corporations, of yacht operating companies and companies providing all kinds of services. I am co-founder of «Aegean Consulting» since 2009 and I am responsible for the Accounting and Tax department. I specialize in planning corporate structures for the saving of taxes and for insuring the business owner’s interests.

I am responsible for the function of 25 accounting offices of different sizes. I prepare profit and loss accounts and balance sheets according to the Greek Accounting Standards on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. I supervise and assure the compliance and safe function of the accounting offices based on the Greek tax legislation. I collaborate with Auditors for the smooth and proper functionality of the annual audits for the issuance of Tax Certificates. I fully supervise and direct the proper installation and application of informational systems in the accounting department for their complete and proficient functionality by training appropriately all the employees of the accounting offices. I have a big experience and specialization in payroll issues. I fully support, from an accounting and tax perspective, merger and acquisition cases by applying development laws for tax saving and redundant charges.