Having in its human resources experienced and specialized lawyers and accountants, Aegean Consulting provides high level legal and accounting services that fully cover the needs of corporations and individuals. We can lead your corporation to a new perspective, maintaining and enhancing your competitive advantage. Together we face any issue that might arise and require immediate assistance by Lawyers and Accountants but also by other professionals such as Notary Public, Financial Consultants, Auditors and Engineers, thus providing a full and constant coverage.

Our goal is to offer high quality services exclusively tailored to the needs of each business.

Our organization and experience promise the timely and effective information of our clients, so as to help corporations take the right decisions in order to achieve their business goals and their financial growth.


Our offices are located in the center of Athens, in the area of the palace, close to the Presidential Palace and the Megaron Maximou on the junction of the streets Likiou (No 15) and Rigillis. The access is easy by Metro (station “Evaggelismos”) and several bus stops.


A) Legal Department
Β) Accounting Department
C) Business Department


A) Greek
Β) English
C) French